Thanks 2021

A blessed year

2 minute read

I typically not praise successes in my life, cause I believe everything I receive is a gift, and not my own accomplishments. However, this year I have so much to be grateful that I cannot avoid looking back and think to how lucky I am.

Starting as a professor

From October 1 I will be Assistant professor at Aarhus University

1 minute read

I’m very excited to start as a professor in the department of Computer Science of Aarhus University. Looking forward to the start of the new adventure and the new challenges ahead.


Another goal achieved: completed the Berlin marathon

1 minute read

There is little of my academic endeavors in this story, but completing a marathon with its 42.195 km is something that makes me feel proud. This year has been a very successful part of my life and I think that dreams whatever and wherever they are should be pursued. Thanks all who supported me (especially Thijs and Anna)!